iHeartMasonRamsey: Viral yodeling boy headlines country showcase


photo courtesy of articlebio.com

On May 5th, Mason Ramsey, better known as the “Walmart yodeling boy,” performed at iHeartCountry in front of thousands of fans The internet sensation has begun to headline major musical showcases. Previously, Ramsey performed in front of a huge crowd at Coachella as a guest for DJ Whethan.  

Even with his rising stardom, Mason still happens to live with his grandparents in Golcanda, Illinois. At only 11 years old, Ramsey is a natural born singer. Throughout his life, he has always been a fan of Hank Williams Sr. This led young Ramsey to have an idol to look up to, one that he would later cover and end up getting attention for on the internet.

Ramsey gained popularity through the use of Twitter. He went viral for singing Lovesick Blues by Hank Williams. His video started out small but soon enough it went viral and people wanted to know who he was and why exactly he was in a Walmart.

Many who came across Ramsey’s video thought he was pretty cute, some grew confused as to why he chose to perform in the middle of a Walmart and others were more hesitant to hype him up due to previous events involving another viral video involving Keaton Jones.

Keaton Jones was a young boy in a viral video who was bullied for his appearance by fellow classmates. He was videotaped crying because of his poor treatment and asked why he was picked on. His mom set up a GoFundMe to donate to Keaton which led those who felt bad for him suspicious. How would receiving money help stop his bullies? Upon further research of his family members, it was later found out that they were racist and Keaton had even referred to some of his classmates using the n-word. However for Mason, none of that information has surfaced and he seems to be just a normal innocent kid with a big dream.

Many remixes of Ramsey’s version of Lovesick Blues have been made, ranging from EDM mixes to altered versions of his rendition with the high pitched Snapchat voice changer.

Ellen Degeneres, celebrity personality and talk show host, noticed his impact on the Twitter community and invited him to be on her show. He spoke to her about his dream to perform at the Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville where some of his idols have performed before.

He even got signed on a joint record deal with Big Loud and Atlantic Records in which he released his debut single titled Famous. As time goes on maybe his fame will begin to skyrocket and his career will carry on as he becomes country’s next big thing. We might even live to see the day that he becomes as famous as Hank Williams.