Songs of the Summer: Melodies to help beat the heat


Art by Ezra Morales

With summer approaching, the time to wind down and relax is on the horizon. The summertime is meant for students to hang out outside of school, spend time in the sun, and jam to music. Here are some songs to listen to while you have fun under the sun!

1) Driving to Hawaii – Summer Salt

A slow jam starting off with slow guitar strumming and background vocals, it has a very mellow laid back vibe. This song is one that you’d listen to while you lay on a blanket staring at the sky at a chill picnic with friends.

2) Miami – Kali Uchis

Off of Uchis’ debut album Isolation, this song is very chill and repetitive. The vibe is carefree, and is the type you’d listen to while you’re in a car with the windows rolled down and your favorite friends surrounding you.

3) Westside – The Kooks

The lead singer has a very rough and powerful voice, the beat kicks up as soon as the song starts and it immediately makes you want to get up and dance. The song embodies happiness and caters to those who are in love.

4) Way It Goes – Hippo Campus

A very upbeat and rhythmic tune that radiates the feeling of being carefree and content with where you are. While the soft guitar and soft vocals play, it’s almost reassuring and serves as a reminder that things will be okay because “that’s the way it goes.”

5) Sunflower – Rex Orange County

This song has a unique sound that makes the singer sound as if he’s singing through an old timey microphone from way back when. The beginning starts off fairly quiet and solely centered around his voice alone, then soon after, instruments are introduced. The tune ends with an almost spoken word type outro and that fits the feel of the rest of the song.

6) My My My! – Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is no stranger to the radio. His music is played all the time due to how catchy it is and how creative his sound is. My My My! is one of Sivan’s first singles released since his sophomore album Blue Neighbourhood. It’s the type of anthem you’d hear at a party or even at a pride parade due to how loved Sivan is amongst the LGBTQ+ community.


A change in genre in comparison to the other artists, BROCKHAMPTON are a self proclaimed boyband mixing hip hop with a hint of pop. Each one of their songs is high energy and as catchy as they come.The lyrics are very playful and creative. Each member brings a different thing to the table and each exhibit a different strength vocally.

8) Rose-Colored Boy – Paramore

The band that’s been around for nearly two decades brings a very new sound to the table, mixing their sound to create pop-rock. The lyrics target the lead singer Hayley William’s lack of optimism compared to her titular “rose-colored boy.”

9) Honey – Kehlani

A sweet acoustic song that embodies the sweet soft feeling of love and happiness, which strays away from Kehlani’s popish vibe and takes on something a lot softer. The acoustic guitar helps provide a mellow mood to the track.

10) Summer Bummer – Lana Del Rey

A sound not quite similar to Del Rey’s usual sound, she tackles the genre of rap and even features rappers A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti. She uses her soothing voice over the fast paced beat in order to combine her vocal talents with her music.