GSA FYI: An update of the Gay Straight Alliance Club


The Ann Richards School has many clubs to address the wide range of interests and passions students have, and the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is one of them. The GSA is a club where students talk about issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. The board members meet twice a month to plan topics, presentations, and discussions for the next meeting. Their official meetings, which are open to all of high school, happen about once a month.

With board members and attendees from different places on the gender and sexuality spectrum, each person has a different perspective to offer.

“GSA helps people come together,” Max Webb (9), a board member, said. ”Going to GSA you learn different things, hear different stories, and you open your eyes to things.”

GSA sponsor Ms. Kim Collins wants the students in GSA to have a say in what they talk about.

“I think it’s important to have a place for students to have a voice,” Ms. Collins said.  “It’s for students to have like-minded meetings and to be able to support one another, especially in the times we’re having right now.”

At the beginning of May, the GSA will have board member elections to incorporate the incoming freshman on the board

“It’s a support group, it’s somewhere you can come and feel safe,” Webb said.

The board members discuss what the upcoming meetings will look like, what they want to address, and important events with the school, such as the Day of Silence, a day in April where students take a vow of silence to honor the LGBTQ+ students who are silenced in schools.

“It’s a lot of planning and organizing but it all pays off in the end,” Emily Genty, (12), a board member, said.

The GSA wants to work on pushing the movement forward, starting with the students.

“[The GSA] is talking about the history of the LGBTQ movement, as well as looking at the rights people fought to give us, and how we can keep pushing that forward.” Ms. Collins said.