Making bank: Fun summer jobs for 16+ students in Austin


Each year, a new group of students in high school becomes old enough to get summer jobs! The following fun and interesting jobs will help you get outside this summer, learn important skills, and get paid for it!

Little Stars Camp:
Every summer, Ann Richards holds a two week Little Stars camp for elementary students from grades 3-5. The camp is for these students to learn what being an Ann Richards girl is like, andtrains young women to be powerful in themselves and meet kids. Through activities using skills like problem solving, the camp helps students get a feel for the Ann Richards lifestyle! High school students in Ann Richards can work here and get paid weekly for running the camp and coming up with activities for the kids. For more information on how to apply for a position, you can go to Ms. Castro or Ms. Bryant.

This summer, if you are 16, you can become a lifeguard at pools in the Austin area. This job includes training for aquatic safety and getting CPR certified. At 16 you can become either a lifeguard or a pool attendant, and if you are 17 you can become a cashier. Visit the website or go to the Austin Aquatic and Sports Academy center to learn more about these jobs and how to apply.

Youth Activist Groups:
This year-round youth activist groups at Creative Action is an outlet for high schoolers in Austin to express themselves through art forms and activism. There are three programs you can be a part of at Creative Action that use activism. Youth Cinema uses activism through film, Changing Lives uses acting to express activism to middle schoolers around Austin, and Color Squad creates beautiful murals in the Austin community to express activism. Creative Action is a safe place for individuals to explore their identity, and collaborate with new people while spreading an important message. To contact Creative Action to get involved, you can email [email protected]

South Austin Sno:
Snow cone stands are the perfect summer job for students! While it’s a fun way to pass the time, you also gain communication and time management skills for the future. South Austin Sno would be a great first job for underclassmen, because you can gain experience for future jobs and how to manage your work and school. You can visit their two locations at 5399-5301 Manchaca Rd, and 1817 S Lamar Blvd to learn more information on how to apply.