Superior snacks: Looking into what students eat during class


Infographic by Danny Armendariz

Students eat a lot during class. Eating can help pass some time or help you focus better. It is proven that blueberries, vegetables, and nuts can help improve concentration. For students, it’s common to snack in class just to get through the period, especially one of their least favorite classes. Snacking can range from just a couple of fruits and veggies to an entire bag of chips depending on who you ask.

According to a survey to the Ann Richards student body with over 159 responses, common snacks include Goldfish, Cheez-Its, cookies, pretzels, fruit, carrots, and other vegetables. Among healthy snacks, 23.9% preferred to eat vegetables during class. The least common food choice was, not surprisingly, vegetables.

In the ARS mission statement, everyday students recite the line “commit to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.” However, this virtue is often not practiced. Students still bring unhealthy snacks. The most popular are spicy flavored chips such as Takis and Hot Fries which end up leaving the snacker with red fingertips.

Out of the unhealthy foods brought to school over 50.3% of respondents specifically preferred Hot Cheetos/Hot Fries, which doesn’t come as a surprise due to their popularity even outside of school. The second most popular was Lays chips, coming in with 43.4%. Although Lays isn’t completely a bad option, ARS usually advocates for bringing baked chip alternatives instead. Baked chips reduces the fat and calorie intake. 34% of respondents preferred Takis. Based this data, you would think that many students prefer chips, yet somehow it’s the third most popular for unhealthy snacks brought into ARS.

Overall, it’s clear that students love to snack in class. No matter how healthy or unhealthy their food options may be, they still choose to consume. Whether it’s just to feel a little less hungry before lunch or if lunch just isn’t enough, snacks are the way to go.