March for our lives: Details on the upcoming national walkout


Photo by Lauren Breech. Photo from January 20, 2017 walkout.

After the Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Florida, students across the country have been inspired to take charge, and many groups are planning to lead their own gun control protests.

One established nationwide walkout is on April 20, 2018. The exact information on what time it will take place and where the students will walk to is being planned in the Ann Richards community primarily by student council members.

“Jurnee is making a coalition for 6 through 12 who will meet at the same time as student council meetings, they’ll plan what they want the walk out to look like,” Julie Apayga-Bonney (12) said. “Me and Jurnee will be there for guidance, but we want people to figure out why they are doing the walkout for themselves.”

Safety of walkout participants is a big concern for administrators. The account that detailed the schedule of the walkout was taken down, and the schedule is being remade. Having a schedule online gives outsiders an opportunity to plan an attack on student protesters.

“I am willing to participate, because it’s a way for high school students, like ourselves, to use our voices,” Alexa Menchaca (9) said. “But at the same time, there are a lot of dangerous things out there. I would be worried for my safety.”

Students protesting are protesting in an effort to remember the victims of several school shootings, as well as spread awareness regarding gun control.

“It’s right that we pay respects not only to the people who died in Florida but also to the people who died in Columbine,” Apayga-Bonney said. “Since April 20 is the anniversary of Columbine I think it’s really important. There’s a lot of intensity and passion surrounding this walkout.”

Students hope that through contacting legislators and protesting, more gun control will be enforced. According to student council, ARS will be teaming up to walk out with big schools such as Austin High.

“Looking at history, when youth stand up, something gets changed,” Lila Hamilton (10) said. “It needs to be a good amount of youth that stands up, and I think we’re going to have a pretty good turn out. I have a good feeling. I think a bunch of people is going to walk out, and a lot of people are going to unite.”