Need a creative name: Podcast series on civics involvement

Welcome to the Polaris Press’ first podcast series, ______. This is a series focusing on civic opportunities and experiences at Ann Richards.

The Ann Richards School was founded on the idea of developing young women leaders in every field, especially those currently dominated by men. Ann Richards wanted the school to focus on, and have pathways in, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or STEM. With Ann Richards being such a prominent political figure in Texas, and creating a school that called for young women leaders, it was inevitable for many students to gravitate towards politics and civic engagement.

Over the years many students and teachers have started clubs, movements, service projects, and other opportunities for the community to explore civics. Many propose a pathway, but that does not comply with Ann Richards’ mission and design. Others propose a club. For the students consistently involved in these opportunities, the more pressing matter is to share their experiences with other students at ARS. They want to develop a community that is civically engaged, no matter what field any student goes into. Hence, the creation of a civics podcast through our school newspaper.

Ep. 1 Meeting Senator Warren

Host Alejandra Wait (Sports, Our Voices, and Satire Editor) and guest Olga Hernandez (11)