Post Up: English teacher brings change to yoga lessons

When going into high school at Ann Richards, changes are a common occurrence. There is stress and homework, but Ann Richards students can catch a break once a week when students can relax, unwind, and take a moment to breath.  


This year, Ms. Anni Knox, the 9th grade English teacher leads the freshman yoga class.


“One of the things I have done is I’ve asked for a lot student feedback and I’ve send several times surveys,” Ms. Knox said. “In the surveys I’ve asked about song requests so I can make playlist so for each yoga session. I have a different playlist and the majority of the songs come from things that students have requested.”


Ms. Knox has put a lot of thought on coming up with new ways to get students to enjoy themselves during their time in yoga.


“Yoga feels different than it was last year,” Julliana Miranda (9) said. “It just seems more chill and more relaxed. I also like the song choices in the playlist that is played during yoga.”


Miranda says she enjoys the new things Ms. Knox has included, such as teachers going around their advisories spraying lavender-scented spray to help make students more relaxed. Aromatherapy helps improve psychological and physical health using essential oils and other aroma compounds.


“At first when the teachers would spray us with the scented things it caught me by surprise, but after some classes I have gotten more used to it and it helps me relax,” Miranda said.


The lavender-scented spray Ms. Knox has included into the class has helped students feel more relaxed and go along with the exercises Ms. Knox guides freshman through, like picturing an old friend or walking down the beach to that friend.


“One thing we’ve worked on as a team is really having a theme, and so we have split it up among the teachers to share a theme at the beginning, at the middle, or the end so there’s some sort of united message that students can set an invitation for their practice,” Ms. Knox said.


Teachers have collaborated together to come up with a theme, each class a teacher shares a poem or a short story at the beginning of class or when the students are in savasana pose.