Crazy Climate: AISD Bad Weather makeup days


After three snow days and a late start on the week of January 15, the majority of students were ecstatic, although many teachers were enthused about the delay, due to missed class time.

“Half the students didn’t get to study for their test and that made me sad,” Ms. Brianne Welser, 10th grade World History teacher, said.

Elizabeth Campos (9) poses to document this rare occurrence in January

Elizabeth Campos (9) exuded excitement while reminiscing about the break from classwork.


“It was really great because I just spent the day with my cousins, drank hot cocoa, and just stayed home,” Elizabeth said. “I felt really relaxed.”


The days missed were rejuvenating for students and teachers. According to US Climate data, the average winter temperatures in Texas vary from 41℉- 60℉ from 2015-2017, but due to global warming, the temperatures have been particularly low this year.  In the past, Austin Independent School district has scheduled bad weather makeup days on holidays such as President’s Day to recover. Last year on December 13th, however, the Texas Education Agency only requires that the first two days be made up, while any additional days will be recuperated by additional minutes that have been added to the 75,600 minute school year.