Break the Bank: College students and paying off tuition


College tuition has consistently risen the past few years. One year of attending a four-year public university can be around $20,000, and can begin to go over that amount when out-of-state tuition is factored in. The average cost of attending a private university gets even higher, being $34,740 a year. Around five years ago the national average tuition was over $5,000 dollars less than what it is today according to a study shown by Vox. This growing amount becomes even more of a problem it’s apparent how difficult it is to get an entry-level job without a four-year degree. More and more places of employment are raising their standards for employees making it even more of a necessity to go to college than it was before.

This rise in price correlates directly with the rise of the percentage of Americans enrolling in universities. This is all keeping in mind inflation, the variation of value behind money.

Young adults are realizing that college tuition is a problem. High school seniors find themselves struggling to make ends meet just for college applications, and stress themselves out further applying for several scholarships to afford their first year. Some apply for scholarships, receive grants, and take out loans, and choose less conventional ways of making money to support themselves through college. In addition, 70% of graduates leave school with debt, and the average amount of debt graduates leave with is around $25,550 and don’t pay it off until their thirties.

These expenses are getting so high that there has been a rise in using sex work and dancing as a method to get through college. Though students should be able to choose their means of making money, there is a problem that students are putting themselves in a dangerous line of work that could criminalize them in order to fund their education. Research from Swansea University shows that 1 in 20 students worked in the sex industry while attending University, and 22% of students said they has considered it.

People are constantly given the option of going to get their degree not knowing when they’ll be able to pay off their debt or not going to school being miles behind in getting a career.

There is something wrong with how much young adults are charged to start their future the only successful way they can, and in recent scholarship season, it is important attention is brought to this so we can give all students the resources they need to reach their goals.