Hypocritical Hollywood: Stars pick and choose when to support movements


Oprah gives speech after receiving Cecil B. DeMille award.

During the most recent Golden Globes, many stars showcased how supportive they really are. The majority of attendees wore black along with “Time’s Up” pins in order to highlight the sexual misconduct that has occurred within the community. Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein are some of the major names amongst the group of abusers. However, the Golden Globes raised a lot of questions. Is wearing black really helping the problem? What was the point if they gave a known abuser a standing ovation?

Hundreds of women in Hollywood collectively created the Time’s Up movement, to speak out about sexual abuse within the industry, and to request equality. Altogether, the Time’s Up movement has over 300 members. Their main goal is to use their platforms as well as their privilege as actors and actresses in order to bring attention to the problems that have been ignored and silenced for so long.

Many actors and actresses took home awards for their work in the film industry. While every single woman that won an award gave a nod to the Time’s Up movement or even to the #MeToo movement, their male counterparts stayed quite silent on the subject. Instead of acknowledging the problem, they mainly focused on their successes as actors. The irony was that many of those male winners were dressed in all black and even wore Time’s Up pins on their suits.

The Golden Globes were meant to be a time where actors and actresses would finally take a stand and openly speak out against known abusers freely. Instead, many victims were shunned, and many who had previously spoken up weren’t invited to the event altogether such as Asia Argento and Rose McGowan. Abusers were honored and applauded by many. James Franco wore a Times Up pin as well as all black and was criticized. Many pointed out that Franco had previously tried to pursue a 17-year-old girl in 2014, and he disregarded her age solely because she was soon to be 18.

Along with Franco, 101-year-old actor Kirk Douglas was honored in front of attendees as a movie legend, as his film career was long lasting and successful. However, the actor had been accused of repeatedly raping actress Natalie Wood while she was still up and coming and happened to still be underage.

The only positive of the night was when Oprah Winfrey gave a speech upon receiving the Cecil B Demille award. She dedicated her time to speak about the Time’s Up movement and even highlighted the hardships of those that are represented by the movement. She took the time to share Recy Taylor’s story, as well as make it known that soon we will live in a world where no one should have to say #Metoo ever again.

Hollywood is not the safe haven it seems to be. Amongst the amazing films and TV shows produced, there are very dark things that go on behind the curtains. Harvey Weinstein brought that to light. Many people knew previously of the misconduct that occurred similar to his, but it was never really talked about openly, or by so many victims. The extent of the situation and those impacted caused the public to finally open their eyes and realize that many idolized producers and actors aren’t who they say they are.

Overall the Golden Globes did the exact opposite of what was initially intended. Known abusers were honored, many men who claimed to be supporters didn’t speak on the issue, and many victims weren’t invited altogether. This shows that we as a society need to do less ignoring and actually be vocal on the issue at hand. Just like Oprah said, we need to progress so that no one ever has to go through the traumatic experiences that these women and men have been through.