Tune in: ARS glee club begins


Glee club leader, piano teacher and choir teacher, Ms. Yvette Vasquez poses in the choir room

The new year is off to a fresh start and the ARS glee club will be starting soon. Claire Moore (7) previously participated in the school musical and is planning on joining the glee club.

“I’ll probably learn a lot more about how to sing, because I’ve never been in choir or anything like that so I’m hoping to learn how to use my voice and not hurt myself. But also how to collaborate with a team and learn more about dancing,”   said Moore.

Ms. Yvette Vasquez, the choir and piano teacher, started their first meeting on January 23.

“I’m separating the middle school and the high school. There are over 50 kids that signed up for it, so I can’t fit all of them in this room,” said Ms. Vasquez.

Ms. Vasquez has always loved performing and began performing in show choir in high school. When she moved to Texas for college there wasn’t a show choir, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion. Ann Richards is going to have their first glee club, where they will be honing their skills and learning new techniques. Glee club is open to everyone, but there are some constraints that will have to be kept in mind before recruiting new members.

“If I put a show choir up on stage, we could only fit a certain amount of people so we’re limited in a way because of our facility.” Said Ms. Vasquez.

Although upon arriving there were little opportunities to perform in show choirs, there has been a big push in Texas to create these programs, and the popularity of acapella groups like Pentatonix and the movie Pitch Perfect have helped a lot with raising awareness.

“We’ll do some pop, acapella pieces like Pentatonix does, but most of the stuff will have accompaniments to them,” Ms. Vasquez said.

Calista Marquez (9) was drawn to the glee club because of her previous experience in choir and performance in the musical.

“I feel like with glee club you bond more than with a choir. A glee club is like you hang out after school and you sing.” Marquez said. “I just feel like that’s a dynamic to get to know people better.”