School’s Out For Winter: Second annual Intercession takes place


The 2nd annual Intersession has just ended. Intersession is a three-day break from school while actually being at school where you attend a class and do all sorts of fun activities whether it’s at school or around Austin, has just ended. Very similar to last year’s Intersession, it was very fun to learn new things and to try out new activities. This year’s intersession was a bit different than last years due to activities like kickboxing or camping. During those three days, other students learned and tried out new things.

Ana Luisa Murillo (9) was in the intercession “Come with Nothing, Leave with Something,” where she did small crafts like origami, string art, and making shapes with blocks.

“It was better this year because I feel like I got to do and learn more stuff this year than last year,” Murillo said.

Girls thought they got to do more activities this year around and got to learn new activities and travel to more places outside of school.

“This year’s Intersession was more organized,” Karla Pulido (9) said.

Pulido signed up for the “Anatomy of a Serial Killer” Intersession where she walked around downtown Austin and listened to an audio recording that explained how life in Austin was before and while it was becoming a big populated city.

For our new little sisters, the sixth graders, it was their first time experiencing Intercession, since their class was the last class to choose an Intersession, it gave them an opportunity to be with their classmates but also girls from different grade levels so they can meet new people.

Many students thought that this year’s Intersession was more organized than last year’s and ran much smoother. Since this is the school’s second year having Intersession, things may have been more organized since students and teachers worked hard to make it better plus we have already had experience from last year’s.

“I definitely think it was more organized than last year, this year Intersession was somewhat difficult as I’ve never really hiked up to ten miles. But overall I think it was a great experience and now I can say I’ve hiked up to ten miles,” Elizabeth Monroy (10), who participated in the hiking intersession, said. ”I believe intersession allows us to experience new things as well as try new things.”

Victoria Olguin (9) chose the golf intersession where she visited five different locations and learned on how to play golf.

“Intersession was better for me this year because I got to stick to a consistent Intersession and not have to switch last minute like last year. I ended up staying in the Intersession I picked with my friends, overall making intercession a better experience,” Olguin said.

Meagan Muller (9) participated in the camping intercession, where she and a group of students camped at McKinney Falls for two nights.

“Intercession gave an escape from stress and school and gave us a chance to have fun and do what we want and we don’t get that chance at home, plus this year we camped out two nights and last year we only camped one and the two night was more fun this year, ” Mueller said.

Intersession this year was much more organized, students visited more places around Austin, and learned new activities and sports. Students got to be with their friends which made the experience a lot more fun.