Out and About: Gallery from Journalism intercession

The following content was generated from January 3-5 during the Film Photography and Intro to Journalistic Writing Intercession, led by Ms. Walker and Polaris Press editors Gus Flores-Rascon, Keyla Blanco, Ezra Morales, and Emily Weaver. Photos and captions were taken and written by intercession participants from grades 6-10.

On January 4, 2018, the intercession for “Film photography and intro to journalistic writing” went on a trip to south congress. They interviewed people in the streets to write about a place or experience that they chose. Without fear, they roamed to trough streets taking pictures and asking questions to get more information. They even went to House park skate park and a graffiti park in Castle Hill. They took many pictures showing off what they have learned using shutter speed and aperture mode. They worked really hard and had no fear of what answer they would receive. – Adamaris Olivares.