The family that plays together: Sister soccer legacy takes place at Ann Richards


Balancing athletics and academics is an obstacle faced by countless high school students, but the Hruby sisters have got it down to an art form. Collectively, Sofia (class of 2015), Lucia (class of 2017), and Olivia (9) have been involved in almost every sport offered at Ann Richards.

Olivia and her sisters have been playing soccer on club teams as well as playing on  school teams almost their entire lives.

“When I was 5 years old, my mom just asked us ‘Are you interested?’ and we all said yes,” Olivia said.

Out of the many sports she plays, such as competitive swimming, volleyball, and cross country Olivia says that soccer is her favorite.

“I like getting to be aggressive and play against other people, but also the people are always so accepting and you really feel like a part of the community,” Olivia said.

With the soccer season gearing up to start, Olivia is hoping to make varsity like her recently graduated sister, Lucia.

“I’m most looking forward to being on a high school team,” Olivia said. “Also playing in the cold weather.”

After graduating spring of 2017 Lucia took off to India to attend an international school in Indore. There she is taking Hindi classes and living with a host family, while being immersed in central Indian culture.

Olivia’s other big sister, Sofia, is attending the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland where she is on track to be a pilot. Sofia played volleyball at Ann Richards and Clemson University and was the first Ann Richards student to receive the Jimme DiCuffa Athletic Scholarship.

“I miss having them around and of their funny jokes,” Olivia said about her sisters. “In terms of soccer I miss having someone to play with.”

Lucia was a player on the varsity soccer team for all of high school and was on the first ARS team to make it to the soccer playoffs during the 2017 season.

“This sounds cheesy but, being a part of a soccer team is like being a part of a family because you do spend so much time together and you have to be a good team player,” Olivia said.