Spooky pooches: Annual Howl-O-Ween Bash takes place


Grab your costumes and your love of animals: The annual Howl-O-Ween Bash is back and ready to help out all of your favorite animals. The event occurred on November 1st, 2017, and was hosted by the Ann Richards Chapter of the National Honors Society (NHS). Outside the courtyard doors, different events were displayed such as Fortune Telling, Donut Challenge, and Cake Walk, and inside was the fan favorite: Haunted Hallway

Maddy Schell (12), president of NHS, predicted this year will be just as exciting as last. The officers held meetings to raise awareness for the event, Schell saying that everyone contributed equally towards their biggest service project of the year.

“The objective of Howl-O-Ween Bash is to raise donations for Austin Pets Alive,” Schell said. “So in order to enter the Howl-O-Ween Bash, you must donate a can of food, a leash, disinfectant wipes, or something that’s on the list of needed items from Austin Pets Alive.”

After donating, students receive a sticker on their ID badge as their entry ticket to the Bash.

At the carnival, students ran around the courtyard, smashing the pumpkin pinata, adorned with painted decor on their faces.

“I like animals, I donated a leash to get here,” Athena Elliott (6) said as an NHS officer decorated her face to resemble a goddess.“I have a parakeet, a cat, and two dogs.”

NHS member Carmen Whitten (12) looks on from her booth, which was the Cake Walk. On the table were several cartons of cupcakes and cookies, some homemade, some purchased from the grocery store.

“I’m here because I knew I would get the leftovers,” Whitten laughed. “A lot of kids are getting really excited, it’s cute. There are a lot of middle schoolers here.”

The plan was to have teachers bring their dogs, but no pooches were seen. This lead to the Kiss-A-Pooch booth to be closed. However, the Haunted Hallway opened up after being closed last year, which excited attendees.

“I think the Haunted Hallway has been my favorite so far because you get scared, and I think that Halloween is about getting scared,” Valeria Zazueta (6) said.

Though the turnout wasn’t as large as NHS hoped, the event succeeded in its goal of gathering donations to Austin Pets Alive.

“It’s been really peaceful this year, the weather is nice and there aren’t too many kids here,” Diana Guido (10), NHS member, said.