Where in the world is she?: Ms. Goka’s life in retirement


Ms. Goka waves goodbye to students and staff after the pep rally on Friday October 6


Starting her life in retirement, Ms. Goka is taking a well-earned vacation.


Ms. Goka is off to a new start after retiring from her job as principal at Ann Richards.  Goka kicked off her adventure in Portland, Oregon where she visited her daughter Emiko and Emiko’s boyfriend. They went to the Portland Symphony to see some cello concertos composed by Dmitri Shostakovich, a famous Russian composer and pianist.


‘The cellist soloist, Moser, had such a presence on stage, moving and swaying with his cello, using his bow as almost a stage prop,” Goka said.  “He also wore bright red socks that added to his stage personality. [The performance] made me appreciate even more the talent of our orchestra and band students and the leadership of Ms. Nussbaum, Mr. Howard, and Ms. Elizondo.”


Ms. Goka stands awaiting entrance to the Portland Symphony.

Her next stop was Koloa town in Kauai, Hawaii, where the weather is in the 70’s and 80’s all year.


“We have rain showers every day and when the wind blows, it’s delicious, caressing one’s face with a swirl of cool breeze while the lush vegetation sings then sighs when the wind stops.  It’s magical,” she said.


After her week in Hawaii, she will depart to Japan, and then head back to Hawaii again in November. In mid January, she will fly back to Portland for a few days and then return to Austin, finishing her victory lap.