South Asia floods: Over a thousand dead in South Asian Countries


People affected by floods in Balurghat in West Bengal. Photo from BBC

People affected by floods in Balurghat in West Bengal. Photo from BBC.

South Asia has seen heavy downpour and dangerous storms recently resulting in multiple floods around the continent and many lives lost.

Mumbai has seen its heaviest rainfall in 15 years due to a monsoon that hit towards the end of August. The rainfall caused a four-story building to collapse trapping at least a dozen and killing 21. Workers and authorities have been helping pull people from the rubble as well as while advising others to evacuate in Mumbai.

Due to flood waters weakening the structure of multiple buildings over 100 years old, thousands of more buildings are at risk for collapsing as well.

In India, Nepal and Bangladesh over 1,200 are feared to have died with an estimation of 40 million affected by losing homes, loved ones, or injury by these floods.

Uttar Pradesh, a state in Northern India, has large chunks of land and 3,000 villages underwater. This has resulted in 3 million villagers being affected and over 100 dead. People are being evacuated from the area to a relief camp with help from army personnel.

Save The Children reported that around 18,000 schools have been destroyed or damaged resulting in suspension of classes for children, which they also say can affect the future of children and their status of staying in a schooling system.

Even after waters recede the safety of South Asians is still at risk due to the increase of waterborne diseases possible.

It is possible to take at least six months to restore the regions, but years for everyone affected to regain stability.