Ghosts, politics, and cults, oh my!: 6 shows to watch this fall


Art by Georgia Moore.

Emily Weaver

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With fall comes a slew of brand new television shows, along with the return of much-loved classics. This brief list includes both old favorites and new soon-to-be hit series.

  1. Room 104, HBO.  

Though it technically premiered over the summer, this eccentric series is perfect for binging as the weather cools off and the season gets a little more spooky. This 30-minute show follows the happenings in Room 104 of a mysterious motel, in a mysterious city. Each episode depicts a snapshot of a different character’s life – in one, a young novelist tries to explain to his Luddite mother how to email him a file; in another, a babysitter watches over a child who claims his second personality is hiding in the bathroom. With beautiful cinematography and lighting, psychologically frightening plots, and wild twists, this show is perfect for the Halloween season. Fans of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone will appreciate this show.

  1. Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO.

This unlikely return by cult-classic star Larry David (Seinfeld, Three Stooges) is leaving many critics and TV buffs on the edge of their seats. Curb Your Enthusiasm, which hasn’t aired since 2011, follows Larry David as he reacts to simple annoyances in his life. Season 9 is set to have a laundry list of high-profile guest stars, including Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Offerman, Carrie Brownstein, Elizabeth Banks, and Bryan Cranston.

  1. Stranger Things, Netflix.

Everyone’s favorite rag-tag band of misfits are back for another season of Eggo-fueled adventures! Get out your calendars, because Season 2 of this beloved show doesn’t premiere until October 27 – just in time for Halloween. Netflix has been tight-lipped on the contents of the upcoming season, but we do know that most of last season’s characters will still be featured (editor’s note: RIP Barb). Promotional materials for Season 2 have featured the tagline “It only gets stranger.”

  1. American Horror Story: Cult, FX.

Clowns, politics, and… Bees? The much-anticipated return of this hit show premiered on September 5th, meaning you have just enough time to catch up. This season follows the aftermath of the US 2016 presidential election, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost to reality TV star and businessman Donald Trump. Months after the election, character Ally (played by Sarah Paulson) begins to see clowns and other materializations of her greatest fears. This timely season is sure to appease both fans and newcomers of the cult classic. And because each season has its own independent theme and characters, you can dive right in without fear of missing out.

  1. Ghosted, Fox.

Think The X Files… but funny (intentionally, at least). Ghosted mirrors the premise of everyone’s favorite 90’s sci-fi symbols, with a partnership between a paranormal skeptic and believer. At initial glance, Ghosted seems to have stellar casting. Both of its leading actors were stars on beloved sitcoms – Craig Robinson from The Office and Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation. The two are both snubbed by their respective fields, and take a job with “The Bureau Underground,” which is tasked with investigating paranormal activity.

  1. The Mayor, ABC.

Courtney Rose (played by Brandon Micheal Hall) is an aspiring MC who decides that running for Mayor will boost his visibility. However, when he wins, he is forced to adjust his life to tackle his new position. Though the synopsis may sound similar to the 2016 election, Hall’s character is starkingly likable and earnest, with humorous plot points sure to distract from real life politics. Fans of other bureaucratic comedies, like Parks and Rec, will surely appreciate this show.