Freaky phobias: Weird phobias of the ARS students and staff


Art by Kai Bovik.

Phobias are common in our daily lives. People can be scared of many things. Some shriek at roaches, others spiders. Some hurl at heights and others shiver in the dark. But what about the phobias that people have that aren’t so common? Things that are constantly in our daily lives there’s no reason to be scared.

Holes are everywhere. In plants, in food, in anywhere you look it’s possible you might see a cluster of holes. Something else that’s seen is trypophobia. Trypophobia is the fear of holes. Just holes. Of course, depending on the person, that fear can be better explained, but for some it’s simply that holes are just scary to see.

“Holes are nasty, nah,” said Ash Pellette (12). “They make me feel itchy and disgusting. I realized this around fourth grade once when I was staring at the ceiling.”

Holes are one of the many weird phobias, but there are other fears that some people can’t explain and are hardly heard of.

“It all started in elementary school, or middle school I can’t remember ,when everybody would send out those links that took you to a jumpscare of freaking Jeff the Killer or something like that,” Kai Bovik (11) said, explaining his fear of computer pop-ups. “Especially when like warnings pop up on your computer, they’re just there. Scaring you, warning you. Like it really could be a virus of someone watching you or another kind of virus that’s terrible and I watch a lot of movies where that stuff is not good.”

Even adults have different fears they can’t explain. Even things that seem cute, innocent, maybe even festive can possibly freak somebody out.

“I have this phobia of a red and white Christmas holiday treat,”Mrs. Sierra Dixon said. “One day I was at work and someone put a holiday basket on my desk that contained one. I had an anxiety attack and had to go to a minor emergency room.”

There are many weird phobias out there, even if they seem unreasonable people have them, and understand too how weird it is. “It’s weird because I know it’s an irrational fear yet I get chills just thinking about it!”