The future starts today: Juniors interview for upcoming internships


Vania Neri (11) works on her business cards during her STARS class. Photo by Yoselin Resendiz.

On Wednesday, April, 19, the Ann Richards Class of 2018 were sent off to conduct annual Junior internship interviews. During this time, the juniors were partnered up with outside organizations- relating to their pathways- in order to take part in a week long internship during the third week of May.

“It all began when we started to have 9th and 10th graders,” Jill DiCuffa, 11th grade STARS teacher, said. “We realized that the pathway classes were going really well, but they weren’t real world enough.”

The idea of allowing the students to take place in an internship week began as a simple idea. When the school first began to see the success of the pathway courses, the idea of just allowing the student to take place in a shadowing experience was commonly discussed. All in all, the success of this common event has allowed the school to reject many business offers that do not allow the students to receive a well rounded experience. Over the years, the internships have evolved into a very anticipated event amongst all juniors at ARS.

“Everyone has a different experience in their internships,” Ms. DiCuffa, said. “They may go into the internship with a certain expectation and they come out of it with a total different experience than expected. It’s just a different world.”

On the day of the interviews, the students must prepare a copy of their resume, dress in professional attire and be ready to discuss their achievements, goals, and desires. The students are prepared for this experience throughout their STARS class, which is taught by Ms. DiCuffa.

“Ms. DiCuffa was very helpful,” Lisette Costilla (11) said. “She taught us many things such as a handshake, introducing yourself, saying goodbye, asking for contact information, and so on. I feel like this was really important because people don’t usually think about the importance of a first impression.”

Throughout the internships, the students are able to have a one on one interview with different organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Seton, The Alamo Drafthouse, and many more.

“Something that was really surprising to me was that the interviewers thought we were way better than college students from the University of Texas,” Costilla said. “They thought we were more prepared and a lot more professional than the college students have been.”

The junior are currently waiting for their internship results, and are working on creating business cards that will be efficiently distributed during their internship week which is expected to take action on May 15th through the 19th.

“When being interviewed, you really have to sell yourself out,” Vania Neri (11) said. “You have to speak confidently. You might feel like you are not the best, but you have to stay confident and smile.”