Reasons why not: A look into Ann Richards’ perspective on 13 Reasons Why

Reasons why not: A look into Ann Richards perspective on 13 Reasons Why

Photo courtesy of  Netflix.

On March 31st,  Netflix released a show, “13 Reasons Why,” which quickly gained popularity on social media

“I liked the show, it was really addicting,” Valerie Garza (9) said. “But I would probably be aware of who I recommend it to, depending on their emotional stability.”

On the show, Clay Jensen is trying to make the people on the tapes understand that they really did cause Hannah Baker’s death. He wants them to understand that it was wrong and they have to pay the price some how.

“I think Clay makes the biggest impact, because he gets the tapes he actually wants to do something about Hannah Baker’s death,” Julia Mendoza (11) said. “Whereas everyone else who got the tapes just passed them on or ignored them.”

On the show we see Hannah Baker struggling in many ways. Her biggest fight and most talked about was her being bullied.

“I think [the show] sends a very important message about bullying,” Mendoza said. “I think the whole point of the story was that you can’t dismiss what someone is going through just because you didn’t experienced it yourself, that doesn’t mean you can be like ‘oh, it didn’t happen’.“

Ortiz believes that the show had a good representation about depression, not only the main character experienced it but many said they understand what she is going through.

“Many people with depression try to hide it because they either don’t want help or sometimes don’t know that they are depressed,” Leslie Ortiz (9) said.

Hannah Baker being bullied and along with many other situations made her think that there was no point in living anymore, which caused her death.

“I think that when people see the show they can relate in some way,” Ortiz said. “In life we’re either been a bully or a victim.”