Curtsies for Cotillion: Students and faculty prepare for dance


Melissa Merlin (9) with her mother at the 2016 Cotillion. Photo by Chloe Leline.

On May 20th , many rising ninth graders will be nervous, along with very mixed emotions. The Class of 2021 will walk down a red carpet accompanied by a loved one, in front of hundreds of people in an event called Cotillion. Before this moment can happen, students and faculty will have to put in time and money to make one of the most memorable moments of middle school perfect.  

“I am nervous about walking down the runway and having all eyes on me, it’s something that I normally don’t get.” Paris Walker (8) said.

Cotillion is an annual event at the Ann Richards School that was created to recognize the hard work and dedication students have shown as their middle school years come to an end.

“Cotillion started as a ceremony to recognize the transition from middle school to high school, a function the ceremony still serves now,” Ella Miesner, the main planner of cotillion said.

As the girls walk down the red carpet a short biography is read aloud, the biography is written by their advisory teachers.

“My favorite part of preparing for Cotillion as a teacher is writing the biographies of the students. I enjoy learning new things about each member of my advisory and then taking that information and making it short and sweet.” Ms. Miesner said.

The music that is played during the ceremony will be chosen by the DJ.  

“This year my personal challenge is to have better quality and better balanced music for the actual ceremony”, Travis Ward, the DJ, said.

Every year’s cotillion has it’s own unique changes but something’s do remain the same.

 “Every year the invitations are different since those are designed by the students. Each year has small variations in food, music, decorations, etc, just depending on what the students want.  The basics stay the same: dresses, biography, red carpet, roses, pictures, ceremony, dance,” Ms. Miesner said.

“[Middle schoolers have] never had a dance, so I think they’re alright now pretty excited about that, on the other hand, I think they’re not that excited about the formal part, but I think once they actually get to it and see it in action and get a chance show themselves off and show off somebody that they love that they will really enjoy it,” Mr. Ward said.