Talkington comes to Ann Richards


Lupita Galvan, ARS News Editor

On Friday, November 8th, the Ann Richards School hosted the 2nd Annual FEYW Lock-In. The FEYW lock-in is an event open to all of the schools that are part of the Foundation for the Education of Young Women (FEYW) in Texas. Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School San Antonio’s Young Women ‘s Leadership Academy Talkington School for Young Women Leaders Forth Worth’s Young Women’s Leadership Academy Houston’s Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy The school that attended was theĀ Talkington School for Young Women Leaders. The event was planned by the FEYW Club. Monica Herrera Hannah Huffman Erin MacDonald Erin Willard Georgia Hernandez Josie MacLean Janaina Ploetz Lupita Galvan Perla Grimaldo- Ramirez and Meredith Oldham “The girls took care of everything for the night,” said principal Jeanne Goka. “I sent out an email asking about detail of the night and I got back an email saying just ‘Yes, Yes, No, Yes,'”Ā The night was filled with ice-breakers, fun-ball, and Olive Garden. “This really was an entirely student-lead event.” The sisterhood tradition will continue without a doubt.