Final Strech: How to end the year off right

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Lily DiFrank

The final stretch of the school year is here. Summer is approaching and that means finals and the end of year rush. ou may be dragging your feet and your motivation might be dwindling, but drag your feet no longer:here is some advice on how to end the year off right and prepare for finals.


First, study! I know studying is boring and you would rather watch another episode on Netflix or hang out with friends, but it will really benefit you when it comes to finals.Even though it doesn’t really seem like where you study matters, it does. If you are the type of person to get distracted easily, try going to a coffee shop. When you are in a coffee shop, a lot of other people are also working and trying to get stuff done, so it is a nice subtle type of peer pressure situation. Make sure to not go to a really busy hectic coffee shop, like Starbucks, where people are constantly running in and out. Some of my favorites are Cenote, Cherrywood, and Opa. If you can’t get a ride or don’t have the money, another great place to get work done is in an area of your house where you can be alone and not be interrupted. Make sure the area is comfortable, and you have everything you will possibly need during your study session, whether it’s extra pens and highlighters, or something to snack on. If your study or homework session is in your house, let your family members know, so they know not to bother you unless necessary.


Another helpful thing is to get together with people who you’re productive with. These people may not always be your friends, but people who have the same classes and similar studying habits. This doesn’t have to be a study group for a test either. Sometimes with all of the homework we have to do, it can get very easy to procrastinate. By working with others, you can still have fun and stay motivated. Also, if you are with people in the same classes as you, everyone can help each other with directions and understanding of certain concepts.


Use the extra time. I know after you get home from finals all you want to do is nothing, but use that time at home, just an hour or two at least, to brush up on the classes you’re going to take a final for the next day. By all means, you don’t need to dive into studying as soon as you get home – maybe take a short power nap and refuel your body a little before hand. Even taking some of that extra time to study will help you go into that classroom the next day feeling confident about your ability to pass that final.


By doing these things, I am sure that your finals studying and end of the year homework will go more smoothly.


Good luck on your finals!