The hot seat: New student body representatives share their goals for next year


Jurnee Jackson (11) gives her speech at morning assembly.

On April 24th, the weekly Monday morning assembly at the Ann Richards School hosted speeches for candidates running for Student Body positions. The ensuing election unites four optimistic candidates ready for the 2017-2018 year.  While all promised better communication, organization, and representations of ideas, the Press caught up with each of the newly elected officials to briefly discuss their goals for the upcoming year.

Student Body Treasurer: Almina Orbach (10)


“Next year I want to work on bringing the middle school and the high school closer together,” Orbach explains. Her speech highlighted her determination to unite the student body next year.


“As of right now, both have very separate cultures from each other… even though they are in close proximity with each other,” Orbach elaborated.  


Something few know about Almina Orbach is her beverage of choice: “I drink hot cocoa almost every single day, even during the summer,” she said.

Student Body Webmaster-Historian: Lauren Breach (10)


Lauren Breach is starting off the new year of student council with the grit of a webmaster-historian veteran looking to the future.


“I feel like in the past we’ve slowly worked our way up to being better in terms of this position and keeping better, logs of our meetings and stuff,” Breach said. “I think since I already take meeting minutes for Real Talk, I’ll be good for this position, and could contribute in terms of organization skills.”


Besides her work with student council, Breach is active in Real Talk and Yearbook.


“I guess the main thing [students don’t know about me] is that I’m really passionate about what I do,” she said. “I think I give off the kind of vibe where I look like I don’t really care… but I actually really do care about what I do.”

Student Body Vice President: Jackie Galvan (11)


The vice president-elect looks towards the next year with optimism and plans in motion for change.


“I’m trying to bring back past events people have really enjoyed and try to promote more sisterhood,” Galvan said. “That’s something that our school strongly believes in – everyone should be united and work together.”


Over the past few years some events students have enjoyed have slowly faded away. One big event the school lost this year was Make-O-Rama, or, most notably, the Make-O-Rama Fashion Show. After hearing student feedback, Galan decided this event should be a priority for the 2017-2018 student body team.


“I really want to bring back Make-O-Rama because that involves innovation and helps you be more creative,” Galvan explained. “It makes students actually work to make things they didn’t think they could make.”


Returning to student council after a few years, Jackie Galvan is going into 2017 with a willingness to take risks. Her biggest fear? “I’m really afraid of crickets,” she giggled.

Student Body President: Jurnee Jackson (11)


From her service work to her art on display, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know Jurnee Jackson’s name.


“I’ve been in student council for one year, and I had Wendy [Rodriguez] to look up to,” Jackson recalled. “I saw the way she led, and it inspired me, since I’ve already tried to make it evident that I’m here at this school, trying to make sure everyone knows my name. I’m just trying to make sure I leave a greater impact.”


Like  Galvan, Jackson’s set goals for the next year to revamp some of Student Councils current projects through social media.


“Pennies for Patients is one of our biggest service projects for student council, so I just want to make that more inclusive,” she said. “Right now I’m part of the Awareness Committee [in student council]. We’re in charge of social media, and I kind of want to have more of that.”


Jackson also makes plans to use her artistic talents in her new position.


“Since I have a relationship with the media center, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Oren, I want to make to where student council doesn’t just focus on student council-ly things,” she said.


But getting elected to student body wasn’t easy for Jackson. “One thing people might not know about me is that I have dyslexia, which is a learning disability,” she explained. “Sometimes [when I’m] trying to do things, I need guidance or help getting started, but I can do it afterwards.” Jackson said. “I had people telling me, ‘really? You’re running for student body president?’ And they were questioning me, like, ‘why isn’t Julie [Apagya-Bonney] doing it?’”


“But I have support from Julie and other people supporting me, and telling me not to listen to the people saying I can’t really do it,” Jackson concluded. Despite her struggles, as the new student body president, she’s ready to make it happen as the leader of the school she loves to serve.