Partygoers and Partyno-ers: Which prom stereotype are you?


With prom season in full swing, try to figure out which “prom stereotype” everyone falls into. We’re all a little different, and that’s what makes prom so much fun. Which partygoer or partyno-er are you? Read on to find out!


The date bringer

So you’re here with a date. If you brought someone, you’re already running through ways you’ll make time for your plus one and your day ones, no matter what it takes. You’ll dance with one and then the others or chat with the others and sit with your date, but all will fall into place, you’re sure of it.


The “They don’t even go here”

You were invited to this prom (or you crashed it, which in that case…what a night), but you only know one person here…okay, three max. Everyone who walks by gives you that look, you know, the “do I know them? Have I seen them before?” look. You just keep rocking your prom attire and dance your heart out because 99% of these people won’t ever see you again, so just make the most of the night!


The Prom Royalty

You’re either nominated into prom court, or you just love the thrill of it all. Who will be nominated? Who will vote for who? Who will win? This only happens once a year, so you’re all for the glitz and glam of it all…well what glitz and glam there is. Whether it’s ARS Prom Queen and Princess or another high school’s full court, you’re up front and center when the announcements are made, because this is what you came for.


The “I got dragged here”

You’re at prom for one of two reasons: your friends are worried you’ll miss out on an integral part of “the high school experience” (the school-organized dance scene) if you don’t partake in this yearly one, or you’re here to people watch. You told everyone who asked that you wouldn’t be here, yet somehow you are, someway you made it. This may not be your scene or your dream, but your friends are having a great time, and you have great friends, so you’ll make it through the night with plenty of food and laughter. After all, maybe you’ll all walk away with a new inside joke…or three.


The “These shoes weren’t made for walking”

You went out and found the perfect prom dress and then you found the shoes…but the shoes are really just for pictures. Everyone knows they’ll be under the table within the first twenty minutes. I mean they’re cute, they’re really stinkin’ cute and others agree, but they weren’t made walking, so instead, sitting’s what they’ll do. But when you look back on those pictures you took in them, you’re going to be so happy that you won’t even remember they were tripped on by others as they layed around on the floor while you danced the night away.


The Punch Bowl

The food is where it’s at. You paid so much for this prom ticket and you plan on getting the most out of it. The buffet? The punch bowl? That’s where you’ll be, so everyone else can cash you by the food, how bow dah. Was that lame joke too much? You know it’s the truth.


The Third wheel

So your friend brought a date. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway. Even if you and your best friend’s date are super cool, the “three’s a crowd” saying still applies. You’ll make the most of the night anyway, take some cool pictures, and still find ways to make the night as fun as you imagined, because after all, it’s all about who you party with.


The NO

Prom isn’t your scene. So no. Just no. Prom who? You won’t be there, but you couldn’t care less. Power to the ones who love it and religiously prepare for the festivities, but you’re going to stay home and do your own thing.


Which one are you?

No matter which prom stereotype you are, embrace it, because without you, prom wouldn’t be nearly as fun. So instead of worrying your mind about who everyone else thinks you are, make the most of the night, eat all of the food, and dance away your end-of-year worries.