Prom planning pilgrimage: Seniors plan 2017 prom 


Olga Salazar (12) poses for portrait.

Prom is a night filled with glitz, glamour and glee as its attendees get dressed up in beautiful dresses and suits. While many students are worried about promposals and what they are going to wear to the event, there are a select few students that begin worrying about prom days prior. These students formed a prom committee, and began their long journey to make  a night to remember.

“Last semester, what we did first was to find a location. That was our priority,” Kamar Shaabneh (12) said. “Me and Olga searched up different places, and then we finally went to the Texas Exes Alumni Center, and we just fell in love with it.”

Looking for the location was one of the hardest tasks that to committee had to deal with.

“The only problem with hotels was that we were too late,” Olga Salazar (12) said. “We should have started booking earlier and they were really expensive, the ones we did find.”

Salazar pitched the idea to host the junior-senior prom at the Texas Exes Alumni Center after she remembered her Media Tech internship experience at the Texas Exes Alumni Center from her junior year.

“The lady was like ‘oh yeah! I have proms here!’ and we went in to go see it and we were like ‘oh cool! I’ll keep this in mind for next year!’,” Salazar said.

Once the venue was booked, the locations team split into the fundraising committee and entertainment committee, as well as lending a hand where help was needed. 

“Right now, I’m away from the prom committee and focused on the fundraising committee,” Shaabneh said.

Just like planning for any other event, trying to get everyone to meet was no easy task. With the many events occurring during senior year, it caused a few issues to arise when trying to coordinate this event.

“The hardest part is trying to get people on committees, and trying to figure out who was on what committee, because no one was responding to the surveys we sent out for a while,” Salazar said. “Also, the hardest part is setting aside time just to talk to people and to the head of committees.”

Senior Shenanigans, an event run entirely by the seniors, helped raised money on April 12 for last minute prom items, as well as the famous Port Aransas Science Field Trip and the senior class gift presented at the end of the year. The Seniors advise the following prom committees to make sure that, much like the class of 2017, you keep everyone united and informed.

“Renting a place is expensive, especially on the UT campus and at hotels, so make sure that you budget right so you have enough money for everything else,” Shaabneh said.