It’s a muracle: ARS welcomes new wall art


Junior Jurnee Jackson has created a portable mural that invites students and staff to complete the sentence “My legacy is…” As member of the Ann Richards Service Unicorns, Jackson is working on a personal service project that connects communities through art.

“I was inspired by the ‘Before I die’ wall in Louisiana, it’s the same concept, like people are able to come by and fill in the blank. I was talking to Ms. Waugh about it and she suggested ‘My legacy is’, so I went with that,” Jackson said.

Jackson was personally responsible for creating a budget and a formal write up to get her project approved. She also constructed the mural primarily on her own. Since it has been discussed that ARS will be transferred to a new campus in future years, Jackson decided to create a portable mural so it could be relocated if necessary. Jackson utilized the Maker Space to build the structure of the interactive mural, staying after school and coming in on Saturdays.

“It was kind of hard. I had to start constructing it by myself and it was so much work. I would say I’ve spent more than 20 hours making it,” Jackson said.

Jackson encouraged ARS students to come work on the mural as a form of service after school and for a Saturday work day. “I thought it was really cool, I helped her out with it some. I like the idea she has for where everybody can come work on it,” Service Unicorn member Odessa Dukes (11) said.

Since the mural is made primarily with chalkboard paint, students will be able to continually share their legacy is with others.

Service Unicorns is a new club this school year, and with the success they found this semester with student encouraged and run service projects, next year they plan to do a handful of projects in both the fall and spring semesters. In the future, Jackson wants to work with an elementary school in a low income neighborhood to create the same type of mural, and maybe even integrate the mural into the ARS Pals program.

“I kinda want to take my chalkboard thing to the next level and involve the Pals class and actually make a mobile classroom. Get a bus and gut it, clean it out and make it where there are booths inside of it,” Jackson said.

The walls at ARS are adorned with lots of student artwork and valued character traits, but Jackson’s mural will be the first official student mural and the first interactive mural at ARS.

“My whole goal was for people at a community to see what other individuals in their community feel about where they’re going in life, what they want to accomplish,” Jackson said. “I’m trying to get the community involved since I made it chalk board and it can be written I think it connects the individual with the board and other individuals read what others wrote.”