Bonded together: ARS student and staff opinions on AISD bond

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AISD proposed a bond to remodel several schools in need of improved learning environments. Ann Richards is one of the schools on the bond, and if it passes the school will undergo a renovation. This bond, which asks for extra money from taxpayers to do something that is more than what they are already paying for, is important for the AISD school district because the money put towards the bond’s project is exclusively for that one project and can’t be taken away.

During interviews, many students and teachers discussed how they wanted to improve fine arts space by adding an auditorium.

“I hope we get an auditorium, because I’ve always wanted one of those,” Marti Cuevas, a freshman, said.

Overcrowding was another problem mentioned from the lack of fine arts and athletic space.

“With all of the sports and fine arts, we are sometimes competing for space, and I would like everybody to have what they need,” English teacher and dance coach Danielle Willie said.

However, some people think that our whole school is overcrowded.

“We are a functioning high school and middle school, in a middle school [building],” said Juan Carlos Ruíz spanish teacher at ARS.

High school vice principal Kris Waugh mentioned wanting to make areas and components of the school multi functional.

“You can see we are trying to do that in putting furniture in the hallways and things like that, so that you can get instruction from your teacher for the first 15 or 20 minutes, but then you can go and work on your projects. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in that little teeny tiny space where you don’t have a lot of work room,” Waugh said.

On top of having multifunctional classrooms and working spaces, teachers were talking about places where ARS sisters could come together.

“Maybe just a science specific tutoring lounge….a place where upperclassmen and younger students can come together and help each other with their science studies,”  science teacher Joanna Lucero said.

In all, everyone around the school is very excited to have this opportunity to share their ideas of things they would like to be represented and incorporated into the school, should the AISD bond pass.

“I am really excited to have the opportunity that we are in the top of this bond, and we can get a school that we deserve,” Mr. Ruíz said.