The great sound divide: Ed Sheeran ‘Divide’ album review


Elena Gonzalez, Senior Editor

Ed Sheeran’s new album titled Divide, released on March 3, 2017. Photo by Elena Gonzales (12).

Ed Sheeran presents a rally of emotions in his newly released album, ÷ (Divide). Officially released on Friday March 3, 2017, this album is one for a true music lover as its versatile tunes take the listener on a journey across the land of unfamiliar genres. From Irish vibes to dance numbers, the record has a taste of it all. The album has no definite path, no overall moral, no singular sound; but it does have a one-word description, as intended and given by Sheeran himself: Schizophrenic.
In a recent interview with Spotify, Sheeran shared that he’s had the idea – schizophrenic – for this album since 2010. The theme of the album is inspired by his introduction to music, to which he also pays tribute. His love for the matter was fostered by the way he delved into new genres: one day he’d listen to punk, the next he’d tune into metal, then he’d explore the realm of folk and indie rock – everyday brought a new, alluring sound.
The album’s style, is actually rather genius. As opposed to a dedicated rap album or a new pop EP, Divide offers a wide variety of sounds. In a day and age where music quite literally provides a soundtrack for our lives, this was not only a smart business decision, but a wonderful gift to the great population that is music listeners. Authentic singer/songwriters sometimes seem hard to come by, as it’s easier than ever for singers to live out their dreams, with various social media outlets and talent searches; but Sheeran restores faith in his recent release. He proves that music still holds the power it was once gloriously celebrated for; music can be original, new, and life-reflecting.
In my first listen, I found that I quite enjoyed track 16 (on the deluxe version of the album) Save Myself, in which Ed tells of a life of unrequited generosities and the journey to a very important self-discovery: how to put your own well being before that of others, and how to put yourself as number one in your own heart. However, upon further listening, I came to the realization that the album doesn’t present me with just one new favorite song. It gives me a choice for Monday, a different for Tuesday, another for Wednesday and so on.
I’ve listened to the album in its entirety, on repeat, but I’m still nowhere near exhausted of hearing it. Though some melodies sound unmistakably Ed Sheeran-esque, others introduce a completely new style. Sheeran even throws a little Spanish around in his ‘Barcelona’ song lyrics, and it flows quite nicely.
With what I’ve said in regards to every song telling its own story, I’ve decided to review each song in 6-word memoir fashion.

Eraser:Spoken word-ish, told from the heart

Castle on the Hill:Far from home, but never forgotten

Dive: Don’t play me, I fall easily

Shape of You: Young love, no cares, living life

Perfect: Destined for forever, you never know

Galway Girl: Meant-to-be love, celebrated happiness

Happier: Broke her heart, his breaks too

New Man: Rebound love, one we all know

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: Cherished time, one and only, always

What Do I Know?: Love and music spin the Earth

How Would You Feel (Paean): I love you, love me too?

Supermarket Flowers: Grandmother’s love, cherished memories, thank you

Deluxe album only tracks

Barcelona: Foreign language, spanish adventures, living life

Bibia Be Ye Ye: Everything will be alright, live life
Nancy Mulligan: Forbidden love, love finds a way

Save Myself :Unrequited generosities, journey to self-love
It’s been well over two years since Sheeran’s last album release, and his 2017 creation seems to hold all of the songs his life has since inspired. From ballads to dancing rhythms, ÷ has something for everyone to enjoy. If you listen closely and immerse yourself in Sheeran’s lyrics you’ll see how much he’s grown from his first album. In Divide, he says that love is important, time is short, listen to the lessons life teaches you, chances must be taken, and celebrate every moment; could this be because he himself has found the love of his life?
It’s no secret: Ed sheeran is quite the master of original tunes and relatable beats. He knows how to write them and he knows how to play them – doing both impressively well. I predict Divide will be in the running for some major awards at the 2018 Grammy’s.