Tiaras for rising music queens: Review of Tiarra Girls’ first EP release


Becca Alonso, Editor in Chief

(Left to Right) Sophia Baltierra (18) , Tori Baltierra (15), and Tiffany Baltierra (19) on their new self-titled EP Cover. The Tiarra girls were awarded Best Performing Band Under 18 for the second year in a row at Austin Chronicle’s awards show hosted by KUTX. “[The EP] being realeased just makes it very real, we put so much time into and it’s just so cool seeing our work being shared,” Tori said. Photo courtesty of the Tiarra Girls.

Sisters Sophia Baltierra (12), Tori Baltierra (10), and Tiffany Baltierra (‘16 alumni) make up local band The Tiarra Girls. Started in 2012, the group was originally a cover band, performing. hits by Selena, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and more. Recently they dropped their first EP, The Tiarra Girls, containing three songs written and performed by the group. Below you’ll find a review of each song.


The EP begins on an upbeat note, with a fun guitar riff to get you on your feet. Youngest band member and lead singer, Tori Baltierra, starts the tune by singing the catchy chorus “Looking to the sky for answers/But I guess there ain’t no other/But I love you.” The song then shifts into the melody which gives off a vibe that you feel when seeing the band perform live. Answers is the epitome of a warm summer day, with a reggae spirit, and yet still holds onto its true emotion through lyrics. The instrumentals decrescendo as Tori begins to sing the outro lyric “Are you listening?” You can’t help but dance along to this song, no matter where you are.

Lonely Room

This melody takes a more melancholy tone, with the tune following Tori’s emotion in the song. “I was listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse when I was writing this song,” Tori said. This instant classic takes a more laid-back approach to alternative rock music. Oldest band member and lead bass player, Tiffany Baltierra’s skills are demonstrated through a smooth bass solo after the chorus, accompanied by a trumpet, making for a more steady and eclectic tune. Though no instrument overpowers another, each one accompanies each other in a lighthearted way. While the song isn’t as buoyant as Answers, Lonely Room still is a tune that you can rock to, with a jazzy take on alternative music. This is by far the band’s most popular song off of the EP; a music video for this song even features students from Ann Richards.

I Made a Garden

This song is more fast paced than Lonely Room, and is definitely the most emotional song of the three. The love song is composed of analogies to flowers, and Tori’s voice accompanies the heavy meaning of it smoothly. 18-year-old drummer Sophia Baltierra shines through the song’s stand-out beat. The lyrics “Nothing stops me/From thinking about you/And in my dreams/You’re always there with me” depict the feelings of having a crush perfectly. This song is the most modern of the three, with popular chords used in hit music and a more studio-produced tone.