Home: Student recounts science fair participation


Photo by Elena Gonzalez

Smiling faces

Gleaming eyes

Days full of science surprise

The leaders of tomorrow

And scientists of today


They stun me


I’m amazed, impressed

In every way


5 years and counting

50 hours and still

I couldn’t imagine

No longer being



It’s my baby

My love

What I will protect


Now as I stand here

In a quiet moment

Writing down my thoughts

At work

after my upgraded, successful 5th year


I realize how much it all means


I know I’ve loved

I’ve cared since day one


Afterall, I was once

In their shoes


But finally, for a moment

I let it all sink in,


These blue stars on my name badge

hold a different meaning


The memories I’ve made

Will be here for the long run

I can only hope that someone

Will come along

And know


This science fair is home