Trial For Equality: Gavin Grimm poses case to Supreme Court

Gavin Grimm presents his case to Supreme Court officials on March 28th via

Danny Armendariz

Gavin Grimm, like many other transgender students and people all over the world, just wanted to use the bathroom: a basic human function. After receiving the okay from his high school principal, he began to use the boys restroom as opposed to girls, which caused a stir within his community. The situation was taken to the school board in which they refused to let him use the right restroom and now, on March 28th, Grimm will head to the Supreme Court to present his case.

In 2014 Grimm sued the school board, due to the fact that not allowing him to use the restroom he feels comfortable in violates his rights protected by Title IX.

The school board recommended replacing the traditional girls and boys bathrooms with a gender neutral one. Gender neutral bathrooms have become increasingly popular in the U.S, making their way into most Starbucks stores, and even Target.

Grimm felt as if this would be humiliating due to the fact that he already has a lot of attention on him. Since he’s transitioning as a transgender male in a high school community, he has students and teachers giving the eye to the obvious changes that testosterone would cause.

At the Grammys on February 12th, 2017 Laverne Cox, transgender actress most famously known for her role as Sophia Burset in the Netflix television series Orange is the New Black, gave a shout out to non binary people and mentioned Gavin’s situation. On stage she talked about the hashtag that is used to show support towards him, #StandWithGavin.

A week after the Grammys Cox and Grimm finally met, the event was livestreamed through Facebook. They discussed the issues that the transgender community face and what to look forward to in the future. With Grimm’s trial ahead, his case will be historical. No other case like his has gained so much attention from the media.