Creativity in conflict: Women share their stories about life during the Israeli-Palestine war over land


Dottie Indyke, the executive director of Creativity for Peace, projects a map to give the students knowledge of where the Israeli-Palestine conflict is happening. Photo by Prisila Samaniego (10).

Last Monday, February 13th, the founder of Creativity for Peace, Dottie Indyke, and four women who have been a part of the organization visited ARS to discussed with students the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Creativity for Peace is an organization that encourages young women in the Israeli-Palestine land to participate in a summer camp that takes place in Arizona to learn what it’s like to be an Israeli teen in Palestine and vice-versa. The mission of Creativity for Peace is to¬†“train young Palestinian and Israeli women to partner as leaders by transforming anger and prejudice to mutual respect, facilitating an understanding of the other, and inspiring action to promote equality and peace.”