Just a taste: Students try three pathways in order to choose part of high school curriculum


Vanity Flores (8) listens intently to the panel of Biomedical students during the first rotation of the day. Photo by Amelia Bagnaschi.

On Thursday, February 2,2017, the class of 2021 participated in the much anticipated Pathway Day, where they learned about the three pathways they will commit to for four years: Media Technology, Engineering, and Biomedical Science.

The eighth grade students visited the Media and Technology Pathway, taught by Mr. Roger Soden, and learned about the film techniques they will be taught, as well as the multiple steps it takes to make a film.

“I want to have a career in film and I think that it would be fun,” Castle Smouse (8) said.

The soon-to-be freshman also visited the Biomedical Science pathway where they were informed by a panel of students, Mr. Andy Langford, and Mrs. Mikaela McCrady about the many topics of health science that they would be focusing on in the next four years of the program.

“They had brains and stuff on the table and I was like ‘oh my gosh, I want to touch it!’,” Paris Walker (8) said.

The groups of eighth grade students finished their tours by visiting the Engineering pathway, taught by Dr. Shireen Dadmehr, Mrs, Shamaa Lakshmanan, and Ms. Kim Collins. They participated in a few building challenges that would let them dip their toes into the pool of the engineering pathway.

“I’m really passionate about science, and I think that you can tie everything back to science, because everything is science,” Frida Capitán-Parra (8) said.

The students finished up their Pathway Day by going to the elective fair and talking to members of different clubs and organizations that interested them.