Lovely lavishes: How to spend Valentine’s day with everyone you know

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, is just around the corner. Stores have been stocking up on candy, cards and cute stuffed animals. Valentine’s Day is known as the day of romance, however, you don’t have to have a significant other to spend Valentine’s day with. You can also spend it with those you cherish, like your best friend, family members or maybe even your pet fish.
Plans this year might be harder to schedule because Valentine’s Day falls on a school day, but doing something the weekend after will mean a lot more to the ones you care about.
An idea for plans with friends might be having a sleepover and just hanging out, listening to music that makes you jump on the bed or dance around. Eat good food by ordering pizza, or looking up something easy to cook. Watching movies and staying up all night talking about life or helping each other out with things could be a great way to show your friends you care. Find  types of movies that are happy; romantic movies are good, but can sometimes be a downer. A gift doesn’t have to be given to show that you care for someone; sometimes, being there for someone is sometimes the best gift you can give.  Video game enthusiast will love going to an arcade such as Pinball arcade, which has retro pinball machines and many other games to play. If pizza, games, and prizes seems  fun, then Gattitown at Southpark Meadows might be a good place to go where you can eat good pizza and play fun games to win points to get cool prizes for each other.
If going out with friends seems better than staying in, try doing something you’ve never done before or haven’t done in a long time. Bowling at Westgate Lanes or Highland Lanes might seem the most interesting, a little friendly competition or just bowling for fun and eating good food. If roller skating might seem better, try going to Playland Skate on Valentine’s Day for a party. Meeting new people might make the day fun.
Sometimes, spoiling somebody else can be hard, so why not just spoil yourself? Take a day for relaxing and self-care. Need new clothes? Go to the mall and buy some stuff for yourself, or go shopping with friends and spoil each other. It’s fun to shop but it’s even more fun  with friends.
Hosting your own Valentine’s Day party can be fun to coordinate and invite friends too. You can bake sweets and pizza or other favorite foods and drinks. Play cute games with a Valentine’s Day theme, or give valentines out like almost everyone did in elementary school can be another fun activity. Reliving elementary school memories and reminiscing about funny moments and just talking some time to show you care for others can be a great way to spend the day.
Showing family you love them is mostly a daily thing but going all out on Valentine’s Day shows so much more. A picnic in the park with family is fun, especially with small siblings it will be a blast. Good foods to take are small sandwiches, apples, something to drink, and something sweet like some chocolate in the heart-shaped boxes. Games are fun to play when you’re outside, for little ones maybe try doing something that lets them run around like tag or hide and seek. With parents bring a deck of cards or dominos to play games with them. Or bring a ball and play catch, a game of baseball, or touch football.
 Gifts aren’t expected, but bringing small things like cards or homemade things show them they’re loved way more than what is shown. You could also celebrate by just doing what mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or whoever tells you to do the first time and not rolling you eyes, groaning the doing what was told angrily or not doing it at all. Listening is a good way to say “yes, I respect you and I love you so I will listen.” Try asking about someone in your family’s day, do things for family without being asked or just to show they don’t have to do things by themselves. If you can, make breakfast for everyone in the family. Making something from the heart means so much more than buying things.
If you have a significant other, find something you both want to do. Dinner and a movie is romantic and new movies are out, Cinemark Theaters has good seats and bonus they are made for cuddling. Or maybe just a nice dinner and a walk in the park or around your neighborhood before going home for the night or day.
Valentine’s Day can be fun if you make it fun, it can be shared with anyone you love and care about. But don’t forget February 14, 2017, is the end of the six weeks. So celebrate on getting good grades too.