Lonely love: How to spend Valentine’s Day alone

picture from https://www.pinterest.com/adefuria01/valentines-day/

picture from https://www.pinterest.com/adefuria01/valentines-day/

Valentine’s Day: it can either be the loneliest or loveliest day of the year. For most Ann Richards students, due to the lack of boys (for those of you who like them), mountains of school work, and extracurriculars, we are on our own. So, here are some ways to not be a sad, little moping loner on the day of love.

First, if you go to this school, there is a good chance that you are single, so invite your friends over. Have a party and listen to anti-Valentine’s Day songs, because if you’re like me, you probably already have plenty of songs saved on your phone ready to play at the press of your pretty little finger. Buy all of the candy you possibly can with whatever money you have, because let’s face it, we are our own provider of candy on Valentine’s Day.

Some may think flowers are a loving and thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day, but if you think about it, they are going to die in the next couple of days. Still, if you want to show the people around you that someone cares about you, just send some flowers to yourself. After all, no one loves you more than yourself on Valentine’s Day, so why not show it?

Makeup and fancy clothes are uncomfortable items that you can’t easily sleep in. They also take a long time to do, so why not push all that makeup aside and jump into some of your biggest and comfiest pajamas. Turn on some rom-coms and start to engulf yourself in an alternate life. After all, what would you do if you don’t have anyone to suck your attention away from the things that actually matter in life; like the ending of The Bee Movie?

While you’re sitting in your pajamas at home, possibly with some of your other single, lonely friends, and loads of candy you bought for yourself, make sure to takes notes on how next year you are 100% going to have a fabulous boyfriend, or girlfriend of your own (not just one in a T.V. show) if you want to be in a relationship.