Top 10 reasons to join journalism


Photo by Ms. Sarah Walker

Photo by Sarah Walker

Choice sheets are coming soon, and it’s almost time to pick the electives you’ll grow in next year! We published this story this time last year, but thought it deserved another look this year.

There are a million reasons why you should join journalism, but here are our top 10 reasons as to why you should do so now:

  1. Learn something new
    1. Whether you choose yearbook, photo journalism, or newspaper there is something new that you can learn in each of the classes such as learning how to take the perfect picture, writing the perfect editorial, or designing the most amazing spreads.
  1. Build your resume
    1. All of our journalism programs are great resume builders because of all the great skills you get to learn in them such as interviewing, storytelling, and timeliness/punctuality.
  2. Create a portfolio
    1. At the end of the year you will have produced various works that you can collectively put in a portfolio to use for applying for certain summer programs, scholarships and even colleges!
  3. Take fun field trips
    1. As a group, we have traveled to many fun places such as the Harry Ransom Center, the Texas Tribune, and Capital Factory and we have many more other trips to take this upcoming school year.
  4. Participate in awesome competitions
    1. Every year we compete in several competitions with our most recognized contest being the annual Fall Fiesta contest hosted by the Texas Association of Journalism Educators. We travel to San Antonio to compete against schools from all across the mid-west region of the U.S. and participate in fun scavenger hunts, special writing contests and explore all across downtown San Antonio.
    1. From scrumptious waffles to delectable parfaits we are always finding fun and inventive ways to incorporate yummy, healthy snacks into our classes.
  6. Connect with other grade levels
    1. Since all of our journalism classes are offered to all of high school you get the chance to interact with other upperclassmen that you may not know. Afterall, journalism is about expanding your circle and getting to know tons of people by conducting interviews.  
  7. Get published
    1. You can guarantee that your work will be published in one of our award winning publications, The Constellation (our yearbook) or The Polaris Press (our newspaper), which has several benefits. The greatest benefit of all is that people get to see your amazing work and you get recognized for it!
  8. Go to more school events
    1. As a part of journalism you’ll be required to cover a slew of events occurring all across our school so you will probably end up going to events you didn’t even know were being held.
  9. Have fun with your #JFAM
    1. As a journalism family (#JFAM) we are full of tradition, experimenting with new and exciting events and just overall having a great time.
  10. Have fun with your #JFAM
    1. As a journalism family (#JFAM) we are full of tradition, experimenting with new and exciting events and just overall having a great time.