You’re Fired: Donald J. Trump fires long time inauguration announcer Charlie Brotman


Donald Trump political cartoon. Art by: Danny Armendariz (10)

After January 20th 2017, Inauguration day, President Donald J. Trump began to make plans for the United States. Charlie Brotman, the man who has announced and introduced every president since President Eisenhower, was not included in those plans. Trump gave Brotman his most famous line, “You’re Fired.”

Charlie Brotman was previously known for announcing for the Washington Senators baseball team. He also announced for The Whips of the National Soccer Association, The Tapers of the American basketball league, The Lions/Presidents of the Eastern Hockey League, and many more sports teams.

One thing Brotman did for free is announce at every single Presidential Inauguration Parade since President Eisenhower was in office. He has announced for over sixty years. Brotman recently lost his wife of sixty-five years, and even said that the only thing holding him together was getting to prep for Inauguration Day. Instead of following tradition, Trump had one of his supporters, broadcaster Steve Ray, take Brotman’s Place.

Brotman learned that he wouldn’t be announcing through members of Trump’s team. He was devastated. He  went as far as to say he was “heartbroken” and felt as if he wanted to “commit suicide”. Brotman checked in with members of Trump’s staff, curious as to why he wasn’t allowed to be a part of the parade this year, and they gave no response. He contacted them multiple times. According to Brotman, they promised to get back in touch with him, but never did.

Luckily for Brotman, he’ll still be able to do the job that he has loved for all of these years. This time, he’ll actually be paid for it. He was hired by local Washington news station NBC4. With this new voice, instead of only reaching those who were in attendance of the presidential parade, he instead reached many viewers at home.

Brotman also made a special appearance in Washington’s Women’s March. Linda Sarsour, one of the march organizers wanted to bring Brotman in to annouce for the march. “It’s my honor to welcome the national organizers for the National Women’s March on Washington,” Brotman said.