Giving back: 12th grade biomed students organize campus blood drive


On January 18, 2017 the senior Biomed class will hold a blood drive on campus for students, teachers and staff to donate blood to We are blood. A bloodmobile will come to the campus where students and staff can go to donate blood during 8:30am-11:30am in the school courtyard.

“In order to donate, you need to be at least 17 years old,” said Nadia Rhudy“ If you are under 18, you’re going to need to bring a document to your parents to get signed, basically just so that they know that your blood will be tested to see if you have zika. You have to be at least 115 lbs to donate, and that’s it.”

Before arriving the donor should have a full meal, and be able to present photo identification when arriving.

During the blood donation process, the organization’s staff “sit you in a chair, put the needle in your arm, and they siphon your blood,” said Mr. Matt Smith. Mr. Smith has been donating blood since he was a teenager, and helped plant the seed in the student organized blood drive.

After donating blood, “You want to make sure and eat some snacks,” said Mr. Smith. “Make sure you have sugar in your blood, and are not feeling light headed after you donate. The workers at the blood center usually monitor you for about 10 mins to make sure you’re feeling good. Drink plenty of liquid. Don’t lift a lot afterwards, don’t go around and lift weights, or do anything too strenuous. They say not to drink caffeine, because it could affect you more than normal, since you have lost pint of blood.”

The purpose of the blood drive is to give back to the community, and provide to those who need blood. According to the Texas Blood Institute, one in 7 people entering a hospital will need blood.

“There’s a need for constant supply of blood, so that’s why people need to donate often, otherwise there won’t be enough blood to go around,” said Rhudy.

Teachers, as well as students, have hopes that the 12 grade biomed class organizing the blood drive will become an annual tradition.

“That’s a part of what they do as senior biomed students, to kinda give back to the community, said Mr. Smith. “Hopefully it turns into a tradition that can work through her class.”