Holiday Habits: Fun holiday traditions to partake in this year


Trail of Lights main entrance. The Trail of Lights grand opening is Saturday December 10th, 2016. This is the 52nd year the Trail of Lights has been open. Photo by: Keyla Blanco

Keyla Blanco and Alyssa Cerda

After working hard on finals, spend some time with loved ones, or spend a night in alone. Whether single or in a relationship here are 10 activities you can do this winter break.

  1. Ice skating at Whole Foods

As the temperature drops and the Christmas songs begin to play, what better way to have some fun than to ice skate? The traditional ice rink on the roof of Whole Foods is back and ready for fun. Go with a group of friends and laugh at each other as you fall and make Frozen references. If you’re looking for a good date, take your significant other for some cliche moments and make new memories that you can tell later at a Christmas party.

2. Trail of lights

Take a stroll through the Austin styled winter wonderland. Back for its 52nd year, the Trail of Lights offers fun displays based off popular characters and themes. If you’re going alone or with a group of friends, buy some hot chocolate, enjoy the entertainment, and stroll through the 1.25 miles of twinkling lights, and maybe even make new friends. For the couples, take advantage of all the picture perfect moments and have a fun night at the ferris wheel and carousel.

3. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Christmas specials

Join the Alamo Drafthouse for special viewings of classic Christmas movies from Elf to The Santa Clause. Find the nearest Alamo Drafthouse and search for a classic Christmas movie, chances are there will be one ready for you to join in on. Whether going alone or with a date, enjoy the Alamo Drafthouse feel and keep the festive spirit alive.

4. Real Texas Christmas trees

Fun for the family, visit a local Christmas tree ranch and pick out the perfect tree for your home. With hundreds to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong. Create memories with your loved ones by picking your favorite and cutting it down. Don’t forget to buy your ornaments!

5. Santa’s Ranch

Get ready for the cups of hot cocoa and handfuls of kettle corn. Santa’s Ranch is one of Texas’ greatest light displays with lit lifesize gingerbread houses, and scenes of the North Pole. This family and friend tradition started in 2003 and is still going on in New Braunfels. Take your family to start a new tradition, friends for a festive night out, or a significant other for a jolly date.

6. Decorate trees at Loop 360

Don’t wanna spend money on a tree for your home? Grab a box, some tinsel, Christmas ornaments, and head down to the Loop 360. As an Austinite tradition, pick a tree to put all the festive decorations on, don’t forget to make it your own. Take your significant other and make the tree something special the two of you can see every time you drive by. Or, with a group of friends, make a picture perfect memory. But don’t forget to come back in January to clean up and take your decorations back home.

7. Christmas movie marathon at home

Who needs to go out when you have some of the best Christmas flicks on demand at home? Cuddle up with your special someone, or get together with your friends and family to watch some of the best Christmas classics. Add some hot cocoa and candy canes to the mix for some extra festive fun.

8. Walk around neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights

Get your jackets and boots on, and take a stroll around your neighborhood to look at all the newly lit houses, as well as getting some festive quality time with your friends, date, or family.

9. Bake

Get out the sugar and gingerbread cookie mix. Baking some jolly treats with a best friend or significant other is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. You can tease each others creations, use your favorite recipes, and maybe indulge in some raw cookie dough.

10. Build a gingerbread house

Start by getting icing; a lot of icing. Creating and decorating gingerbread houses is a great way to bond with anybody over the holidays. Have fun decorating different sides to see each person’s creativity, or join together to decorate as one and completely change the previously bland house.