Penciled in: Art students create calendar for fundraiser


Starting this week, and until the end of the semester, the Ann Richards Art Department is selling student-made calendars for a supply fund.

“The whole calendar is one hundred percent student designed,” art teacher Mr. Matt Smith said.

The theme of this year’s calendar is “Warriors,” and Mr. Smith encouraged the students to include women from many different cultures.

“There’s women from all time periods and parts of the world,” Mr. Smith said. “It’s a learning experience.”

The layout for the calendar was created by two juniors, AP Art student Sierra Walton (11) and Digital Art/Graphic Design student Briza Olascoaga (11). Walton and Olascoaga have had practice with Adobe InDesign, both having worked in the school’s journalism department.

Sierra Walton (11) and Rebecca Alonso (11) inspect the proof copy of the calendar. Walton and Briza Olascoaga (11) were the two students in charge of the design layout, editing, and coloring of the calendar.

“We printed out a bunch of versions of it, and obviously there’s always changes,” Olascoaga said. “Throughout even just designing it, it was very much just a trial and error. If one thing didn’t work we tried something else.”

The project was a whole class effort, with nearly every student painting, sketching, or inking a piece to be scanned into the final copy.

“Even though [the pieces] are linked by theme,” Olascoaga continued,”the styles are very different, and the color schemes are different, so having this broader idea or this design that could bring out each of the pieces [was a challenge].”

After printing, each student takes packs of calendars to sell to teachers, friends, and family, and all proceeds are put towards new supplies for the class.

“The big benefit to buying one of these calendars would be that you’re supporting students in the visual arts,” said Mr. Smith. “[Students] are going to be able to help figure out which supplies to purchase, what supplies they’re interested in.”

“The benefits of these sales will not just benefit AP Art,” Mr. Smith continued, “the supplies we buy will also help to support the lower grades as we go along through the years.”

Last year’s AP class yielded the first ever calendar fundraiser, and resulted in a huge success for the AP students. Each student was able to get a portfolio, as well as art pens, markers, and brushes for the class.

“I feel like it was very successful,” Mr. Smith said. “Financially it was very successful, but I also think it helped bring a lot of awareness to the talent that is here at Ann Richards, the natural gifts that a lot of the visual arts students have.”

To buy an Art Calendar, find an AP or Digital Art student or make your way to Room 126 during lunch and advisory. Calendars cost $10.