Kicking off the new season: 2016 high school soccer tryouts

Published on: December 6, 2016

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On November 29-December 1 40 ARS high school students took to the soccer field to try out for the varsity and JV soccer teams.

  • Isabella Aguilar (11) laces up her cleat before heading out to the soccer field. Aguilar is one of 40 high school students who tried out this season, more students than any other year.
  • Varsity player Lucia Hruby (12) passes to her partner during drills. Hruby is a returning varsity player who will fill the role many of last years seniors left. "We have a lot of senior leadership really it will be figuring out new tactics, new strategies to accommodate younger and new players to our team," Langford said.
  • Jessica Pinney (12) and Michelle Deleon (11) fight for the ball during drills. Coach Langford made rounds during drills noting the skills of those trying out. "Someone that wants to work hard and get better [is] the first thing I'm looking for, " Langford said.
  • Coach Langford, co-managers Shahar Pedahzur (12) and Claire Lungwitz (11), and ball girl Rosa Galarza-Mireles (12) discuss drill set ups on the field. "I'm definitely part of the team but working behind the scenes" Pedahzur said. Lungwitz and Pedahzur plan to split the managing responsibilities of the JV and varsity teams.
  • Prospective players pause drills to listen to Coach Langford announce that for the first time ever ARS will have a JV soccer team.
  • Danna Medrano (9) sprints across the field in a drill measuring speed. Coach Langford looked for potential varsity players with speed and coordination that can get the team to playoffs for the first time.
  • Co-manager Shahar Pedahzur (12) records the sprint times of Jacquelyn Ortega (10), Jazmin Martinez (10), Isabella Aguilar (11), and Paola Escobar (11). In addition to setting up drills and pumping balls Pedahzur wants to make sure everyone on the team maintains a good attitude, something she saw the team struggle with in the past.
  • While listening to drill instructions, Alejandra Wait (11) and Emmaline Jeansonne (11) play with the soccer balls at their feet. Soccer tryouts this year lasted from Tuesday Nov. 29 to Thursday Dec. 1, Thursday being added last minute when it was decided both a JV and varsity team were possible.
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