7 People 7 voices: Students share their opinions on the presidential election

On November 8th, 2016 Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States. Below, students in grades 6-12 share their opinions and reactions on the President-Elect.


Madeline Sansbury (6):

“I feel like some people just want change, but I feel like it’s just gonna get really bad, and the economy’s gonna crash, and maybe it just needs to get worse to get better again.”


Cielo Reyes (7):

“It’s a debatable subject because some people really like the person that just got elected, and some people totally disagree with the person that’s in charge right now, which is Donald Trump. I personally think Hillary Clinton should have been president, because she wouldn’t mass deport a lot of immigrants and isn’t racist to other minorities.”


Angelina Arrellano (8)

“I’m not exactly sure. Like, it’s kinda confusing. Like, I don’t feel like he’s made much of an impact, but maybe in the future he might.”


Brenda Herrera (9):

“I feel like everyone is going to look at our country, and they’re not going to be proud of our country anymore because there was people that weren’t even doing the pledges anymore. We don’t feel safe anymore. I feel like we’re in the hands of someone that isn’t mature enough to be our president.”


Amy Torres (10):

“I mean, right now I’m in the middle of everything, but if we’re being honest the protest should have started long before [now]. ‘Cause now we can’t do anything. We have a voice, but that voice can only get us so far. I mean, the protests are good, but it should have started long before [now].”


Beatriz Ruiz (11):

“I think if all his plans have played out the way he wants, the country will have drastic changes that the rich will benefit from, and the middle and lower class not so much.”


Sasha Brawn (12):

“I think that he’s going to make a lot of people very angry because he has no political experience. So I think he’s going to make the people he works with angry, and I think he’s going to make every single minority and oppressed group very angry. I think America is just going to become very upset with their president, except for the ones that support him.”