10 Self-care tips to practice in spite of recent political outcomes


“Self Care” by Georgia Moore.

Now more than ever, Americans are forced to deal with tough emotions. Most have taken into a flight-or-fight mentality, but it is important to not give into easy impulse decisions and practice healthy ways of coping. Here are some self care tips to practice in the aftermath of the election.

1. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions you are feeling

It’s easy to suppress emotions during these difficult times, but you must remember that you are allowed to feel whatever emotions you want to. No emotions/reactions are right/wrong. Your feelings are valid.

2. Let emotions out

It’s important not to keep your emotions bundled up inside of you; this is an unhealthy practice and can lead to unhealthy outcomes; for example, after  ignoring certain emotions for an unhealthy amount of time, they could lead you to projecting those emotions on others when you least expect it. Some healthy ways to let your emotions out are listed here all throughout this article (tips three, seven, eight and nine).

3. Talk to someone

Sometimes you just need to talk to a trusted friend/adult/teacher/parent about what happened and what you’re feeling, and not keep your emotions to yourself (see tip one). It’s just as simple as that.

4. Take time to step away from the phone

Many people have taken to social media as an outlet for their emotions. Though they have been able to let out their feelings, they’ve also received unhealthy backlash. A lot of the hate you may hear about concerning the presidential election is coming from social media, so it is important that you step away and take a while to decompress. Along with hate, it is unhealthy to be staring at your tiny phone screen for prolonged amounts (two or more hours) of time, so it would be helpful to give your eyes and brain a break as well.

5. Take time to step away from the world

You may just need a moment for yourself in this time and that is okay. You’re allowed to take time to love yourself and give yourself space. Take a nap, read a book, or practice some breathing exercises. For example, you can practice Sama Vritti, better known as equal breathing, which is where you inhale for a certain amount of counts and exhale for the same amount of counts.

6. Help your body out

Stay hydrated, stay fed. Remember to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water. Nourish to flourish.

7. Exercise

Believe it or not, sometimes a good run or workout is just what you might need to get you up and moving again. Exercising releases excellent endorphins that emit into your brain that make you feel better.

8. Make art

Channeling emotions into any creative outlet whether it be painting, dance, or song is always a great way to give your brain a rest and participate in something you love.

9. Write

Some people might feel they aren’t creative enough, so an alternative to creating art can be writing. Sometimes it’s just necessary to get it all out of your system and onto paper. Writing can lead to forming coherent thoughts on how the election affected.

10. Go outside

Getting fresh air and vitamin D is beneficial to your overall health, and it’s important to not stay indoors in the same stale air everyday. Take a walk, ride your bike, try out a new sport. Get some new oxygen flowing through your system.

Whether you take the time to read a good book or make your favorite yummy snack, it is essential to practice good self-care.