Fall in love: Autumn music review


Fall. The weather is getting colder, the holiday season is approaching, and winter break is just on the horizon, meaning more free time. The only thing missing is some good music. Enjoy these nice soothing song recommendations.

Heaven’s Gate
Dawn Landes

The guitars melody, the string plucking, and strumming ability by the guitarist draws you in immediately. A fun fact about Landes is that she was a TED speaker and did a song about a true story. In this story and song she talk about a woman who rowed into a hurricane. This song and story is very powerful and worth watching.

Mess is Mine
Vance Joy


The lyrics in this song take you away and deeper into a story with every verse and chorus. “Mess is Mine” is a fantastic song to sing along to while sipping on your favorite fall beverage. Vance Joy is on tour right now in South America. In 2013 he moved his way up to the tenth spot on the music charts with his song “Riptide”.

Howling Light
J. Tillman


The vocal range from J. Tillman in “Howling Light” is amazing, and takes you on a journey while the guitar strums away in the background, perfectly supporting the lyrics. Tillman used to be the drummer in Fleet Foxes until he quit.

Speak Easy


The easy going beat and melody helps relax your mind through the stressful times this year might provoke. Including this album Mansionair has four singles.

Hollow Body Weather
Field Division


This song takes you into a mindset and mood perfect for over-sized sweaters and your favorite fall drinks. Their top listeners are actually located in Oslo, Norway.

Now if you are not really feeling the Spotify playlists, here are some songs that you can maybe include in your own personal one.

The Boy Done Wrong Again
Belle and Sebastian


Stuart Lee Murdoch takes you away with his soothing voice. This is an excellent band to put on a playlist because they have both upbeat and slow songs. This song “I’m a Cuckoo” is a great sample song for Belle and Sebastian’s upbeat side.

The Night Wind
The Green Pajamas


If you like more dramatic music, or music that has an extra splash of character to it, I would recommend this song by The Green Pajamas. They are not your most typical sounding band, due to some of the theatrical sounding elements, but this song is calm and nice to space out to.

Ruth B


Ruth B. vocals are beautiful, and the piano in the back really helps bring the song together. The citizens of Sweden are the top people to listen to her songs.

Down South
Tom Petty


If you are into the oldies, this song by Tom Petty has amazing instrumentals and vocals. “Down South” really embraces the sound and feel of the later generations of music even though this album was produced in 2006. Tom Petty’s very first album was called ‘Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ and was released in 1976.

Pale Horse
The Smashing Pumpkins


Lead singer Billy Corgan’s vocals are definitely unique, and you can either love his voice or hate it. If you do like it and want to listen to something at a faster pace listen to “1979” or “Cherub Rock”. Their “Tonight, Tonight” music video is different that from popular ones now a days, and it looks like an old film.