The Biggest Debate to Date: Students of ARS discuss their true opinions on candy corn


A ring of candy corn. Photo by Magnus Manske.

A ring of candy corn. Photo by Magnus Manske.

This October, many opinions on candy corn have been circulating and there is no unanimous decision. For years people have debated over if the treat tasted good or not, if the texture of the candy was flattering or not, and if it was overrated or not.

Candy corn is a brightly colored halloween candy that is made of sugar, corn syrup, salt, honey, dextrose, artificial flavor, and gelatin, created by George Renninger in the 1880’s in the Goelitz Confectionery Company, and was originally called “Chicken Feed”. This particular candy has sparked some very strong opinions. The already ongoing debate has enhanced within the past month with the halloween festivities going on.

“It makes me feel sick, but I don’t care because it’s that good,” Helen Foster (10) said. Foster enjoys the halloween themed treat and once ate enough candy corn during a school day she became ill and left early. “It was worth it.”

Kai Bovik doesn’t understand the slandering of one of his favorite candies and defends the texture of the candy.

“There’s like the perfect crust, and then you bite into it and it’s so chewy and good,” Bovik (10) said.

The treat’s bright colors of white, orange, and yellow give a Halloween vibe that make the candy most desirable this time of year. Candy corn’s seasonal connection might make the candy that much more favorable in the eyes of its fans.

“It’s like Halloween themed candy! It’s perfect!” Bovik (10) said. “Halloween is perfect, candy is perfect, so candy corn is also perfect.”

But this doesn’t mean everyone is on board with triangular treat. Many still express a hatred towards the Halloween themed sweet and simply do not think that candy corn could quite possibly taste decent.

“I freaking hate candy corn,” Julia A-Bonney (11) said. “Like people who eat that stuff – I can’t. I can not.”

A-Bonney proceeded to cringe when she recalled of a friend eating candy corn so casually, like it tasted good. The taste isn’t the only reason some find the triangular treat to be disgusting.

“I hate it, with every piece of my soul.” Jessica Pinney (12) said. “I don’t like it, last time I had it, I’m pretty sure I loathed the taste, and it smells weird, and it seems really really fake!”

As for now, although we can’t come to a unanimous decision, we can say that a majority of Ann Richards students surveyed like candy corn. A good 65.6% actually.


Will this debate ever come to an end? Will a side ever win? It’s quite possible this debate will never come to an end, and this Halloween looks like another to be split between the two parties: Candy corn lovers, and candy corn haters.