Trump or Clinton: Who should you vote for?

“File:Trump & Clinton.jpg.” Wikimedia Commons, File:Trump_%26_Clinton.jpg. Accessed 15 Oct. 2016.

1.What are your opinions on taxes?


  1. It should vary more dramatically with how much you make per year
  2.  It should vary less dramatically with how much you make per year

2. How do view our schooling system?


  1. Need more options on the schools available for people who live in underperforming school areas 
  2. More courses in public school need to prepare us for jobs


3. What is your view on terrorism?


  1. We need to restrict immigrants coming in 
  2. We need to team up with our allies 

4. What do you think about immigration?


  1. Deport all undocumented people 
  2. Make living and job opportunities equal for immigrants 

5. What is your opinion on minimum wage?


  1. It should stay the same 
  2. It should get raised 

6. How do you view gun rights in America?


  1. We should tighten the rules 
  2. We should ban guns 

7. What do you think about climate change?


  1. It’s not something we need to really worry about 
  2. We need to take actions to prevent climate change 


If you answered mostly ones, you should vote for Hillary Clinton. To learn more, here is her website, and here is her Twitter handle. Hillary Clinton is a democrat who was the 67th Secretary of State and is now running for office.

If you answered mostly twos, you should vote for Donald Trump. To learn more, here is his website, and here is his Twitter handle. Donald Trump is a Republican and a entrepreneur turned billionaire. 

To learn who others think should hold office, watch the opinions of the people of Texas here.