2016 2nd Presidential Debate: Trump and Clinton didn’t started off with a handshake


Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton)

Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton)


Sunday October 9 at 8 P.M. Central Time Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faced off in their second presidential debate in St. Louis Missouri. CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz mediated the town hall debate, which featured direct questions from St. Louis residence in the audience.

On Friday October 8 video footage of Trump in 2005 bragging in an “Access Hollywood” interview about his treatment of women was leaked in which he used vulgar language to describe how he groped women and attempted to have sexual relations with married women. Trump and his campaign managers apologized for the comments and during the debate Trump claimed it was “locker room talk” that does not reflect Trumps true character. He also claimed multiple times that Bill Clinton’s alleged affairs and assaults on women were far worse than his own actions. In further refute Trump said that the video is of no importance when looking the state of the country, which in his words is in “medieval times”.

On the same day Wikileaks, an online organization that releases classified and censored documents and media, released thousands of hacked emails between Clinton and her campaign chairman John Podesta. The emails included private speeches Clinton gave to Wall Street that expressed a publicly undisclosed allegiance to Wall Street over middle class America. During the debate when addressing the Wikileak event, Clinton brought up the need to use different methods to appeal to different groups as a politician. She also brought up Wikileaks accused involvement with Russia in trying to influence the US presidential race in their own favor by promoting the election of Trump.

These two media releases were brought up several times throughout the debate, and used by candidates to argue their opponents poor character.



Healthcare – Clinton stated that Obama Care has become increasingly unaffordable and she wants to fix the issues to make universal health care as accessible as it was meant to be when planned. She reminded the audience of the improvements the Affordable Care Act has created and wants to keep those aspects intact when remodeling Obama Care. Trump argued that Obama Care is a disaster, and needs to be repealed and replaced with a healthcare system that is more affordable to citizens and the government. In reference to solely employer-sponsored healthcare coverage, Trump stated that the government should have less control over Americans healthcare.

Islamophobia –  After saying Islamophobia is a shame, Trump called for Muslim americans to help fight radical islamic terrorism by reporting suspicious terrorist activity and brought up extreme vetting as a form of keeping out Syrian refugees with “unknown values.” Clinton gave blame to Trump saying his radical islamophobia is fueling ISIS propaganda and misrepresenting America as an islamophobic community.

Syria – Clinton supported working with leverage against Russia, continuing diplomacy and special forces work, over putting US ground troops in Syria. Trump advocated for a stronger US nuclear program, and criticized the current US government from announcing planned attacks. Clinton, Cooper and Raddatz explained that these announcements were made for humanitarian reasons.

Taxes – Trump promised to lower taxes, and blamed senators like Clinton for allowing the wealthy, like himself to use tax loopholes. Clinton gave several examples of her own policies past to get rid of carried interests, and assured the audience that she would close loopholes and support the middle class.

Supreme Court Justice Selection -Clinton said she was looking for a supreme court justice that was experienced, understood the majority of America, and would respect marriage equality rights and women’s health rights. Trump said he was looking for a supreme court justice modeled after Antonin Scalia who fully understood the Constitution.